A general resource for reviews of my own theatre experiences and the shows I have seen.

Just me. Nobody but me.

Honest and unbiased reviews of my overall theatre experience from ticket collection to curtain up to curtain down.



A work in progress…that’s me and this site and blog!!

I started using WordPress and creating this site and blog in February 2017 with the aim that I will develop it into more areas as I go from a blog site to a reference source!

It’s my hobby, not my life (although I can see my addictive nature coming out now!) so I will update as often as possible but I intend the blogs to be the main thing on here with reviews of shows I have seen and of my overall theatre experience being at the forefront!

I live in London and I love live performances and often go to see loads of shows of all varieties as I just love it!

I work as a casual in the industry and have a close affiliation to it with friends who are performers and creatives in the industry and also I have a deep passion for it.

Apart from that what can I say…Oh I get called a ‘Luvie’ by my friends and that’s ok…especially when it’s a ‘Lush Luvie’ with a Gin and Tonic in hand (well in a goblet glass!)

If you want any more information or details then please contact me!


I appreciate any feedback, comments or questions and I’ll try to reply to all that I receive as quickly as possible!.

Feel free to email me on Numb_bum@aol.com (click here for email¬†which will open in your email on your machine and auto-populate the ‘To’ box! )